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I’m a professional freelance lighting cameraman, a fully qualified and CAA approved video / photography drone pilot and video editor based between Glasgow and Edinburgh in Scotland. With over 20 years experience, I thrive on the creative challenge of any type of production.
Projects include:
  • Commercial / Corporate
  • Drone Operations
  • Conference / Events
  • PTZ Operator
  • TV / Film
  • Documentary
  • Music Video
  • Social Media
Steve Ross - Showreel
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Ronin camera stabiliser.
ENG, EFP, PSC, live TV - Experienced in shooting with any size of budget and crew.  Skilled at working with a director to achieve the desired look and feel of any production for clients such as RDF, Sky, Channel 4 and BBC as well as a host of corporate clients. 
When the budget does not stretch to a director and a cameraman, I easily direct every aspect of a shoot, confidently building the theme, structure and characters as well as managing all of the technical aspects - ensuring that the client sees their vision come to life.  

A fully qualified and CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) approved drone specialist.  Experienced in aerial filming and photography using a variety of 4K pro drones.
I'm a seasoned editor used to managing a variety of camera footage, audio, sound and special effects to produce high quality video projects - Premiere Pro is my go-to package.  I can also edit on location for quick turnarounds and uploads if required.
Owner Operator
Sony FX9.
Equipment Highlights Include:
  • Sony FX9 Camera
  • Sony A7S3 Camera
  • Various 4K Pro Drones 
  • Sony G Master Lenses
  • Atomos Shogun 7 Monitor / Recorder / Switcher
  • Full Lighting Kit
  • Sennheiser Radio Mic Kits
  • DJI Gimbal  
  • Fold out Green/Blue Screen for on Location Work
  • Autocue System 
Steve Ross, freelance cameraman, drone pilot and video editor.
Credit Highlights Include:
“Murder of Rasputin”
(Lion TV / BBC London - Lighting Camerman
“History of Monarch”
(BBC Scotland - Lighting Cameraman)
(BBC London - Camerman)
“House of Horrors”
(ITV1 - Cameraman)
“Dickinson's Real Deal”
(RDF - ITV1 - Cameraman)
“Heroes of Comedy: Lucas & Walliams”
(Shine Ltd / Channel 4 - Lighting Cameraman)
“Equinox - Maelstrom”
(Northlight - Channel 4 - Cameraman)
Also work with corporate clients including:
John Lewis Partnership / Screwfix / Forst Woodchippers
Working on Sky Sports.
"I’ve known Steve for years, he’s an all-round great guy and a lot of fun to work with.  Talented, hardworking and dedicated to getting the best out of any challenge, I know I can trust him to get what’s needed."                      
 J. Baikie
Managing Director

"Steve is a consummate professional.  A talented creative lighting cameraman and editor who thrives under pressure with a genuine love for his profession. There isn't a sector he hasn't worked in!"
N. Watts

"Steve is passionate about video production. I’ve worked with him on many shoots all over the UK for major corporates during the last 15 years. He cares about his work which is evident in the quality he produces. He’s brilliant with clients and builds an instant rapport. He’s the first person I call if I need any video production work doing." 
T. Dalgarno
Working on a corporate job.
Working on a corporate job.
Working on a corporate job.
Working on a corporate job.
Working on the drama Kindred Spirits.
Working on the drama Kindred Spirits.
Bio and Contact
Working on a corporate job.
Sony FX9.
Working on a live broadcast.
Working on the drama Kindred Spirits.
Working on a corporate job.
Working on the drama Kindred Spirits.
Working on the drama Kindred Spirits.
Working on the drama Kindred Spirits.
Working on the drama The Breakdown.
I’ve worked in the media industry all of my adult life.  I started as a camera assistant on television and drama productions, learning from a variety of talented professionals.  Quickly establishing myself as a staff cameraman and an editor in a variety of production companies before going freelance in 2002 and have never looked back. I love what I do and wouldn't change it for the world!     


Call or email to discuss your project

Tel: 07813 278237

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